Homeowner Information



The Village at Blue Mountain Beach is governed by a Master Owners Association of which

all owners are members. Currently the Master Association has 3 constituent associations: The

lot/homeowners are members of Village Cottages North Owners Association, the Village Place

Condominium Owners are members of the Village Place Condominium Owner Association, and owners

of the southside home/lots are members of the Cottages South Owners Association.

The President of each association represents the members on the master association. (The president of

Village Cottages represents the homes/lots on the Master Association Board. The President of the

Condominiums represents the condos on the Master Association. Currently the Southside Cottages

Owners Association is not active but if it were an active group, the President would represent them on

the Master Association.)

Management Company

Our property management is assisted by the Associated Management Services

company (AMS). The office is located at 2441 US Hwy 98 West, Ste 101, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459.

Nikki Lawniczak, is our Community Association Manager(CAM), and can be reached at 850-231-6004,

Ext. 106.

Board Meeting Dates

All Village boards meet every other month at a regularly scheduled day and time.

Owners are encouraged to participate, either in person at the AMS office or by conference call. The

dates and times are posted on this web site and a notice is posted on the community bulletin board at

the pool. Contact the property manager to get the call-in number for the particular meeting you want

to attend.

Quarterly Assessments

Each owner (Home/Lot/Condo) is assessed a quarterly fee for maintenance of the

common property. Owners are billed prior to the beginning of each quarter. Payment is due in 30 days

and considered delinquent after the due date.

Speed Limit

Additional Information

Children playing, bicycles, dogs, walkers, and runners are in abundance on the property.

Remember that golf carts can exceed the 16 mph speed limit and can be

as dangerous as a vehicle. Cart drivers must be licensed.

Please observe the speed limit and stop signs.


Entry Gates

Additional Information

The Village at Blue Mountain Beach is a gated community. The gate at the main 30A entrance can be opened with a remote fob, keypad code, pool access swipe card or a 4 digit code selected by the owner. Your keypad code must be provided to the management

company to input into the system. You may change your code up to two times a year without a fee.

There is a nominal fee for each additional change during a calendar year.

The gate on the Hwy 83 side is limited to owners only and can only be accessed with a remote fob.

Remotes may be purchased from the Association's management company. Additional or lost remotes

may be purchased at the current cost to the Association.

Your unique keypad code must be provided to the management company to input into the system. You

may change your code up to two times a year without a fee. There is a nominal fee for each additional

change during a calendar year.

Please inform short term renters that if they do not have a remote fob for

entry on the Hwy 83 gate that they are NOT allowed to drive around the gates. They will have to access

the 30A main gate with the keypad entry system.




Neighborhood Noise

Please respect the community and try to keep noise levels to a minimum,

especially after dark. Please try to avoid making loud noise between the “Quiet Time” hours of 10 pm

and 7am to allow neighbors a peaceful night’s sleep. If you have complaints of other guests creating

excessive noise, please contact the property manager/owner.

Mailbox Keys

The Village post office boxes are located on Village Boulevard at the Hwy 83 entrance.

Your assigned mailbox number may be obtained from the local Santa Rosa Beach Post Office. When a

property is sold, the current owner should transfer the mailbox key to the new owner or return the key

to AMS for distribution. If a key cannot be located, the owner may have the mailbox rekeyed by a

vendor of their choice at their own expense.

Pet Policy

The Village covenants allow only owners to have pets on the property. All pets must be on a

leash when outside and in full control of their owners. Pet waste must be removed. There are multiple

pet waste containers along Village Boulevard.


Passenger vehicles only may be parked on the designated Village common property. Our

covenants prohibit parking of boats, trailers, campers, and commercial vehicles except in designated

areas. Contact Nikki at AMS for the required permit available for short-term parking for these

restricted vehicles while the owner or guest is in residence at the Village. Permits must be affixed to the

vehicle and visible. Vehicles without permits or expired permits will be towed at the owner's expense.

Overflow parking for passenger vehicles is available in the north parking lot close to the Hwy 30a

entrance and parking area behind Condominium building #4.

Golf cart parking is available with the designated cart parking behind the pool (spaces 1 & 2) or in the

overflow parking area behind Condominium building #4. Condominium owners may rent designated

spots in the cart parking area behind the pool for long term parking and storage. Contact the property

manager for specific availability and cost.


All garbage must be contained in cans with closable lids. We are in close proximity to the

state forest and open trash receptacles invite unwanted critters. Please do not overfill the trash

containers. Ensure you tie any trash bags closed. Critters like open bags.

Condominium Garbage

  • There are designated trash disposal receptacles located behind each condominium.
  • Please refrain from throwing any trash, such as bottles, bottle caps or cigarette butts into neighboring properties.
  • If the receptacles are full in the station nearest to your condo walk down the parking lot and find the other containment areas….ONLY throw trash into containers that the lids can be closed.

Cottages Garbage

  • Homeowner owners should call Waste Management at (850) 862-7141 to set up initial trash service.
  • If you are renting, on checkout day it is YOUR responsibility to place the full garbage containers at the curbside for pick up.

Weekly trash pick-up schedule: Mondays and Thursdays

Pool and Fitness Area


Pool and Fitness Center Access

We have a great pool and fitness area available to the owners and their guests. The pool area is

permitted and allowed to be open from dawn till dark. We are not permitted for night- time

swimming. Pool area access is provided through an individually- assigned swipe card, which is issued by

the property management company-AMS. The first card is free of charge. A second card ( or

replacement for lost/stolen cards) may be purchased for a nominal fee.

Walton County Health Department Rules for the use of the pool/fitness area are posted in the area. No

animals, regular diapers or glass are allowed inside the pool enclosure—which includes the Fitness

Center. Violation of the pool/fitness rules or delinquency of assessments may result in the deactivation

of the member's swipe card.

Pool Rules

  1. Pool hours are dawn to dark (sunset). The time guideline for operation of our pool is restricted by the Walton County pool permit.
  2. The pool and fitness center are under video surveillance at all times.
  3. Pool cards are to be used by owners, guests, and tenants. Climbing over the fence is considered trespassing.
  4. Glass containers, i.e. beer, juice, and wine bottles, are not allowed within pool enclosure. This includes the Fitness Center and Pavilion.
  5. Food and drink are not allowed in the pool. We request that food consumption is contained to the gazebo area.
  6. No diving allowed in pool. The depth of our pool is too shallow for diving. Remember: Feet first whenever entering the pool.
  7. For the safety of our guests, running on and around the slippery pool deck is prohibited. In addition, bicycles, skates, skateboards, or roller blades are not allowed.
  8. Be considerate of others. No large floats, i.e. water mattress, should be used in the pool when it is crowded.
  9. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult when using pool. Children of diaper age must utilize swim diapers when in the pool.
  10. Eating and smoking is prohibited within 4 feet of the pool.
  11. Tabletop umbrellas only may be erected at the tables. The umbrella must be removed at the end of the day. Pop up canopies and tents are not allowed within the fenced area. Pets are not allowed on the pool deck enclosure or in the Fitness Center.


Fitness Center

Access to the Fitness Center requires a pool swipe card plus the Fitness Center door

code. The code can be obtained from the AMS. No one under the age of 15 is allowed in the Fitness

Center. Ages 16-18 must be accompanied by an adult. No animals or glass are allowed in the Fitness


Landscaping Services


Lawn Care

Lawn care is provided by the Association’s vendor of choice. The lawn

care cost for both home lots and vacant lots is an additional cost to the quarterly Association

assessment. In December only, a homeowner may opt-out of lawn care services by the Association’s

vendor and utilize a private vendor for the service for the following year. Vacant lots do not have option

to opt-out. An Opt-Out form, available from AMS, must be submitted identifying vendor providing lawn

care within the property. The Opt-Out form outlines the standards that are expected for the

maintenance of the owner's property. If the property is not maintained to the prescribed standards, the

Association will have the work done and expense the owner.


The Village owns an irrigation system to maintain the common property in our community.

Homeowners may attach their lot irrigation system to the common system. There is no charge from the

Association to the owner for the water. The cost and installation of the irrigation lines on the

homeowner's property are the owner's responsibility. A controller is required to attach to the common

irrigation system. This controller is paid for by the owner and can be installed by the Association lawn

care provider.


No signs of any kind are permitted on the exterior of an owners property except one "For Sale" sign per property. The approved "For Sale" sign information may be obtained from the property manager at AMS.


Short-term (3 days or greater) and long-term (6 months or greater) rentals are allowed in the Village at Blue Mountain Beach. Owners are responsible for any damages to the Village property caused by their tenants.